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Influence of Technology and Innovation in Graphic Design Industry

Graphic Designer working on Logo concept - Graphic Design Industry |

Graphic Design Industry is the backbone of modern marketing, for both, print and online media. Businesses all around the world depend on high-quality, eye-catching visuals to advertise their brands and keep their audience engaged, and in a field as diverse and in-demand as graphic design, there are limitless opportunities for growth and influence.

It is the art of communicating through visual content, and graphic designers play a unique role in a world where technology is always evolving and new mediums are continually being developed.

A Versatile Art Industry with Unlimited Opportunities: Graphic Design Industry

Graphic design in a world of innovation allows artists to go to creative places they may have never been. The variety of graphic design jobs offer limitless opportunities for trained experts to work with advanced digital outlets like mobile apps, computer software programs, and a range of electronic media.

Using the latest technology to interact with your audience on a more advanced level is an exciting place to be as an industry leader. Having the ability to edit videos, create electronic artwork, and produce visual communications allows industry experts to design on a higher level while also fulfilling very real needs of consumers.

A graphic designer’s job may entail:

  • Working with such cutting-edge equipment as 3D printers
  • Advising clients on strategies to reach different audiences
  • Developing graphics for marketing materials, logos, websites, and videos
  • Designing layouts, including colors, text, and images, in programs like InDesign and Photoshop

In addition to the excitement and variety of the job, being a graphic designer can lead to management roles that will advance your career. With the right kind of experience, graphic designers can become creative services managers, design professionals that lead creative departments and work with the senior management of a company to deliver high-quality work to clients.

Graphic Designer working with 3D Printer - Graphic Design Industry |

Studying for Graphic Design Industry

When you enroll in a reputable graphic design program at schools like ArtCenter College of Design and Academy of Art University, you will be immersed in the process of learning print, packaging, branding, and typography. You will be taught how to create visual communications and develop design solutions that are appropriate for a variety of settings.

Earning a bachelor’s degree, will make you more eligible for a good job, increase your earning potential, develop your unique skills, and give you an edge over the competition if pursuing a career in graphic design. When asked about their hiring preferences, several CEOs of large companies agreed that they would favor individuals who have a degree, and in some cases, would only hire those who have obtained one.

Education Moves You Forward

When it comes to salary ranges, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median pay for graphic designers at just under $47,000 for 2015. Burning Glass analyzed millions of job postings and discovered that when a degree in higher education is paired with technical skills, the salary premium can go up by as much as $6,000 per year.

While this data does not represent starting salaries and employment conditions for every job, it does provide a good indication of where one can be when armed with a bachelor’s degree. And if education can move you forward and make you more desirable as a job candidate, it only makes sense to pursue that advantage.  

Taking the Next Step

If you have been considering a career in graphic design industry, the first step is to connect with the right school. The more education you have, the faster you can move forward into a career you love where your skills are utilized and your talents can shine. As technology continues to advance and change how we live, the graphic design industry remains a necessity of which you can be a part of.

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Get Matched to Schools & Colleges that Sharpen Your Skills. Receive Free Information on Programs & Financial Aid!

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