2016 List of 7 Top Tech Jobs in The US

Mar 09, 2016

Young Professionals working in Top Tech Jobs

While the current job market is a bit volatile in some industries, one thing is perfectly clear: top tech jobs are your best option. If you’re considering an education within information technology, here’s some good news for you: the job market is amazing. You have an expansive catalog of high paying career paths right in front of you.

Below, we’ve outlined 7 of the most lucrative top tech jobs for new graduates and young professionals. This list showcases a range of potential job prospects you have available to you depending on your particular education. And each one offers an excellent salary and ongoing career path.

Please note that salary data shown here reflects 2015 Median Pay from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – a number you can likely expect with experience. Your salary will likely increase much higher as you advance in your career and add more experience to your résumé.

Additionally, your salary may be lower or higher by a significant margin depending on where you live. If you’re in San Francisco or Silicon Valley, for example, your salary will be much higher than if you were in Missouri or Iowa.

2016 List of 7 Top Tech Jobs in The US


7. Web Developer

We’re on the Internet all the time. Behind the scenes, you need specialized coders and developers powering the current worldwide web. Web developers are tasked with keeping websites of all shapes and sizes online, appealing to users – and properly functioning. They’re an essential element to all IT-based staffing.
While salaries start on the low-end with this particular tech career, this type of work is always in demand. Your rates rise quickly based on your experience and portfolio.

Education Required: Associate’s Degree in Some Cases, Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Related Field in Most Cases
Est. Salary: $64,970 per year

6. Database Administrator

Keeping business data properly organized and accessible has only become increasingly important. As big data grows to immense magnitude, a well-organized data system is absolutely essential. Otherwise, there would only be chaos – and nothing but business headaches.

Database Administrators set up and monitor databases based on specific company needs. They also are tasked with troubleshooting, updating, and protecting all the data that passes across these complex internal and external systems.

In most cases, you only need a two-year degree to get started with these tech careers. Over time, you can leverage experience into a highly lucrative career path.

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree

Est. Salary: $81,710 per year

5. Security Analyst

IT Security Analysts help to plan, develop, execute and monitor security plans within a business infrastructure. They also quickly respond to threats to keep sensitive data protected at all times.

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Related Field

Est. Salary: $90,120 per year

4. IT Manager

You can have a whole team of highly skilled and experienced developers and coders. But without proper management, that team simply cannot reach their fullest potential. IT Managers bring the best of both worlds – a direct understanding of IT infrastructure alongside the business acumen to successfully lead teams through successful projects.

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Computer & Information Science, Management Information Systems (MIS) or Related Field

Est. Salary: $131,600 per year

3. Software Engineer

One of the most lucrative tech careers, a software engineer is a critical component to all areas of information technology. These professionals are the key to developing software that matches today’s demanding technological needs.
If you’re interested in becoming a software engineer, you need to be creative, innovative, and highly competent within a range of technology platforms.

Remember, successful software deployment means a hearty approach across the entire development lifecycle. This includes creatively coming up with ideas, planning, translating those ideas to technical blueprints, programming, testing, and updating.

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Computer & Information Science, Software Engineering or Related Field

Est. Salary: $79,357 per year

2. Data Architect

Data architects, also known as modelers, are critically important within any type of IT infrastructure. These professionals use applied mathematics to improve the throughput of data across IT systems.

The goal is to determine better methods to keep data moving as fast as information technology demands today. This is no easy task – and only the brightest minds within mathematics can succeed here. If you love numbers and have an IT edge, these particular tech careers may be right up your alley.

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a Heavy Emphasis on Mathematics and Data Modeling

Est. Salary: $109,413 per year

1. Computer/System Analyst

Computer System Analysts bring together the knowledge and skills between the technical and the business sides of IT. They bridge the gap between developers and the business world by helping to design systems that benefit end-users – while remaining technically competent and business-worthy.

From research to number crunching, an analyst’s daily job will vary across multiple avenues. This type of dynamic excitement as a tech career will ensure your day-to-day responsibilities will always keep you guessing.

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Related Field

Est. Salary: $85,800 per year

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