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Sep 08, 2016

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Not sure about what to study at university? Want to keep your options open (and riveting) for heading into the jobs market? A degree in psychology could be right up your alley to get in to any of below listed Top Psychology Jobs“What can you do with a psychology degree?” we hear you ask. A more pressing question would be “what can’t you do?” There is almost no industry or field in the USA in which psychology does not play a part. For example;

  • Sports coaches preparing their players for competition
  • Dieticians helping clients get into the right mindset to achieve physical goals.
  • Market researchers and commercial interior designers analyzing the purchasing habits of consumers.

The list is almost endless.

But psychology goes beyond this. In fact, the USA needs professionals who are trained in psychology. Here’s why…

Every year, one-quarter of American adults will experience a mental health problem of some kind. For around 1 in 17 adults, this disorder will be classed as a serious mental illness. These statistics profoundly underline the need for well-trained and highly skilled professionals to diagnose, treat and provide support to those affected by mental disorders, and to develop the science further.

Interested in being a part of this fascinating and constantly evolving field? You came to the right place! Below listed are top Psychology jobs for graduates in the USA.

List of Top Psychology Jobs in the US

Clinical Psychologist

Image of a woman discussing negative emotions with psychologist

As a clinical psychologist, your duties will involve holding in-depth sessions with patients and clients, with a view to providing an expert diagnosis and recommending ongoing treatments. The diverse nature of mental health complaints – as well the myriad reasons which cause such complaints – make this role as varied as it is endlessly rewarding.

This career will see you bringing your training, education and experience together every working day, as you interpret the results of tests and interviews as well as your own observational notes. This can prove challenging, but will leave you with a tangible sense of having made a profound difference to the lives of your patients

Average Salary: $70,700


Counseling couples

Counseling psychologists work with a range of different client groups and patients to provide psychological support and guidance. There are several overlaps with the work of a clinical psychologist – most notably in the assessment and diagnosis of patients and clients – and individuals in this role will frequently find themselves working as part of a wider team in an effort to provide the best services and treatment.

Average Salary: $74,030

Forensic Psychologist

Where does psychology fit into the penal and justice systems? Well, the science has been intrinsic to these systems for decades, and its importance continues to grow. A forensic psychologist will undertake a wide variety of tasks as part of their daily working practices, including (but not restricted to);

  • Research into prison conditions and prisoner behaviors.
  • Providing expert testimonies in court.
  • Assessing the probability of re-offending in prisoners up for parole.
  • Determining the risk factors of criminals currently serving time.

Average Salary: $89,810


The role of a psychotherapist is to provide ongoing psychological treatment and support to clients as they deal with a range of mental health issues. Psychotherapists operate at the forefront of a constantly evolving field of medicine, and must stay abreast of developments in psychology as they occur.

They may also be required to contribute their own findings, theories and observations as they seek to gain a more profound understanding of the mental health issues affecting modern society.

Average Salary: $59,282

Educational Psychologist

Educational psychologists work predominately with children, assessing their personal needs and their academic performances. They will also be tasked with overseeing the emotional well-being of students as they progress through the educational system. The role requires an individual to take charge and to think creatively and proactively as they outline courses that parents, teachers and students can take to secure high levels of performance and psychological health on a long term basis.

Average Salary: $74,030

Other Psychology Jobs

The career paths we have discussed above represent just a portion of the options open to psychology students once they graduate with a degree. It is only relatively recent that society has begun to recognize the true importance of psychology and of the role psychology plays in almost every aspect of our lives. What’s more, psychology is a developing science, and one that is constantly evolving, broadening and deepening as we get to grips with the power of the human mind.

Because of this, increasing numbers of industries are tuning into the benefits that a candidate with a psychology degree can bring to the table. These industries include;

  • Marketing: Psychology graduates working in marketing must assess the   psychological factors affecting consumers.
  • Interior Design: Operating in interior design, psychologists work with design teams to create spaces which are optimized for their purposes.
  • Retail and Service Management: Psychologists can advise businesses on how to get the most optimal results from their staff as well as on how best to appeal to consumers.
  • Business Consulting: Corporations are increasingly turning to psychology graduates as they strive to find the best working practices and achieve success in the world of business.

Want to find out more? Take a look at our Psychology Career section to explore each career in depth and know how a psychology degree could set you on the path to a bright future.

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