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Feb 07, 2017

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Fine arts is exciting, fast-paced, and an innovative field, where brilliant minds come together to create unique works by using a high level of skill and artistic talent. Fine arts encompass many types of creative design, from painting and sculpture to music and architecture. No matter what passion you are pursuing, a Fine Arts degree program can be tailored to creative individuals who are looking to make a career of making art.

Far beyond teaching students how to simply hold a paintbrush or create a sculpture mold, Fine Arts degree programs equip students with the forward-thinking tools they need to be creative in their problem solving, to utilize visual and independent thinking, to use the latest technology, and to practice self-discipline and self-motivation. By learning from masters in the field, students can get a glimpse of what it means to journey on the adventure of a career in fine arts.

Building the Fine Arts Bridge

The bridge between traditional fine arts and today’s modern technology is built through innovative techniques, advanced technology, and the right tools and training. While programs in fine arts can be tailored for students looking to find a career, the first step in the process is getting connected with personal enrichment classes. These short-term programs and workshops, such as the ones offered at Academy of Art University, can be helpful while you are making decisions about which degree to pursue. Once you are ready to begin a focused course of study you can apply to a Fine Arts program in a traditional university like University of California – Los Angeles or Yale, or one at a school focused exclusively on art and design, such as Academy of Art University or Rhode Island School of Design.

Advanced Technology and the Modern Artist

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Modern artists have opportunities to use both traditional and unconventional methods of creation, including:

  • Lasers and lights
  • Digital tools, including 3D printers and tablets
  • Computer programs like Illustrator and PhotoShop

The world and its technology may be rapidly changing, but there will always be a need for trained creative artists. While animation itself has been around for quite some time, new and innovative computer animation and Stop Motion techniques combine with storytelling to allow artists to create a magnificent and enveloping end-product that can stir emotion and capture the imagination. Traditional sculpture methods meet modern-day technology with the use of 3D printers and advanced digital practices, and the use of digital media in creating fine art continues to grow as innovation moves forward.

From Classroom to a Career with Fine Arts Degree

Fashion Designer working with fabrics - Fine Arts Degree Career | -

In 2015, the median pay for fine artists was just over $45,000 per year; art directors earned about $90,000. Projected growth in the field of art and design was expected to increase due to a greater demand for animators and digital designers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some examples of current jobs in the area of fine arts include:

  • Art director: Often works with print and online publications like newspapers, magazines, and television production companies to create project designs and direct layouts.
  • Fashion designer: May sketch clothing and accessory designs, select fabrics, and help create the finished wearable product.
  • Sculptor: As technology advances, sculptors will use a variety of innovative measures like 3D printing and digital fabrication to create unique works of art for a variety of uses.
  • Painter: The ability to sketch, hand-draw, paint murals, restore existing paintings, and work with a variety of materials has applications in a variety of fields and industries.
  • Graphic designer: Works to develop layouts and production design for magazines, corporations, and online publications.
  • Industrial designer: Develops concepts for a range of consumer products, including toys, home appliances, and electronics.
  • Multimedia artist and animator: Creates animation for video games, movies, and television programs.

Use a College Education to Shape Your Own Future

There is so much that can be accomplished after you obtain a Fine Arts degree, especially when it comes from a respected institution, whether it’s Academy of Art University or UCLA. In these settings that students hone their skills, work to display their creativity, and learn what it takes to function in an ever-changing world of modern technology and unique industry demands.

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