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Apr 05, 2016

Criminal Justice Career Options - Officers |

At the end of 2015, the FBI stated that violent crime had increased by 1.7% in the first half of that year alone. These incidences of violence included crimes such as murder, rape, robbery and assault, and the FBI’s statistics made for disturbing reading.

Whether we chalk this up to the increased reporting and conviction rates for sexual crimes, or to a general increase in criminal behavior across the country, is a matter for debate, but what is certain is this: crime is a very real issue which American society must address.

It also shows us just how vital an effective and well-trained criminal justice system is. A career in criminal justice means working for a better society, it means working to keep our citizens safe and making a tangible difference every day of your working life. A career in Criminal Justice is challenging, varied, always rewarding, and will leave you with the feeling that you’ve made the world just a little bit better when you clock off in the evening.

Does this sound like the sort of career for you? Read on to find out about the first steps to take on the track to criminal justice career.

Criminal Justice Career

There is wide range of academic paths open to undergraduates seeking criminal justice career and a dream of breaking into this line of work. Here are just a few of them;

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are at the frontline of criminal justice. They are tasked with implementing the rule of law and safeguarding the community, and with acting as the instrument by which justice is delivered.

Modern policing is a dynamic and evolving profession as advancements in law enforcement technology are unveiled and as policies change with new insights into the needs of society. A degree in Law Enforcement will give graduates the tools they need to excel in this exciting field.

Criminal Psychology

The role of psychology is an increasingly prevalent one in the world of criminal justice. Authorities need to understand the human mind to gain a clearer picture of the causes of crime and of the likelihood that an individual will re-offend.

A degree in Criminal Psychology is the first step toward entering a fascinating criminal justice profession. You will study how the human mind works and learn how to apply your findings to an ever-evolving field of work.


Understanding crime and the measures of justice required to keep crime at bay is as much a part of criminal justice as direct law enforcement. Criminology brings together psychology and sociology in an attempt to better understand the causes of crime and to know how to prevent crime before it occurs.

Studying criminology opens the door to a realm of exciting and developing professions within the sphere of criminal justice, as well as being a fascinating subject in its own right.


The world of criminal justice extends far beyond enforcing the law and prosecuting wrongdoers, authorities also need to be able to deal with individuals after conviction. Studying Corrections will help you gain a better understanding of how punishment is, and how it should be administered.

The welfare of prisoners, the likelihood that a prisoner will re-offend, and the effectiveness of prison facilities in fulfilling their role are all things that you will learn about on this degree course.


Punishment is not the primary aim of the criminal justice system. Instead, law enforcement officers and the authorities must work together in an attempt to make society, as a whole, safer. Rehabilitation plays a big part in this.

On a Rehabilitation degree track, you will study the theory, methodology, and practical application of offender rehabilitation techniques as you prepare for a career dedicated to helping vulnerable people turn their lives around.

What Happens Next?

Following graduation, students of Criminal Justice-related courses will find themselves entering a competitive but open job market in which drive, tenacity, and commitment will enable you to thrive.

You may have already made up your mind regarding a particular career path within the field of criminal justice you wish to pursue, but if you haven’t finished making up your mind, simply fill out our form and a representative from a university or college will get in touch with you. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the requirements, expected salaries, and career plans of different professions in the field.

Alternatively, you may be interested in further education paths once your undergraduate degree is completed. If this is the case, we can put you in touch with university representatives who can point you in the right direction. Simply click the link below and fill out the form to get started.

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